Fiberglass Self-Adhesive Tape

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Plastering Mesh Fiberglass Cloth

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Our main products

Our main products cover fiberglass self-adhesive tape, fiberglass drywall joint tape, woven and non-woven tape, fiberglass reinforced cloth, fiberglass mesh for facade work, and fiber glass masking tape.

Our main customers

For many years we have been providing quality products to our customers. Our main customers are the leading building construction company in the field of external insulation and internal plastering of wall and ceiling. As well as private individuals and commercial organizations.

our each employee

Today our each employee is a qualified expert in this field. They are good at answering all the questions about fiber glass technology and use, helping to choose the products - advise on the basis of actual experience.

Fiberglass Self-adhesive Tape

Fiberglass adhesive fabric tape reinforces building construction

Criken Fiberglass Tape Company is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass tape and fiberglass fabric based in china. Our core business is wholesale and retail trade at domestic and foreign market.

Fiberglass fabrics are mainly used for facade, wall and ceiling in plastering work to reinforce the building construction and prevent the formation of cracks. Fiberglass tapes are used to repair the cracking or gluing joints between the door and window frames to the walls. There is no cracking since the tape merges with the wallboard. Generally speaking, fiberglass cloth weight less than 60g/m² is common used for the plastering work inside, and fiberglass cloth weight in the range of 80g/m²-160g/m² is common used for the outside wall plastering work. While, fiberglass cloth weight more than 300g/m² is the reinforcing fiberglass cloth mesh.

In addition, we also offer non-woven soft fiber glass fabric for wall covering and fiberglass mesh for road works.

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We provide high-quality products and first-class services.