Fiberglass self-adhesive tape very high strength and elasticity

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Self-adhesive fiberglass cloth tape has a mesh structure and uniformly applied adhesive system. It is easy to attach it to any surface, and allows high-quality and fast operation even to non-professionals. We can cut off a piece from a roll to required length, and paste it on the seam, just press it.

The special fiberglass tape is used to prevent the formation of cracks and surface hardening. It is used for gluing joints, corners, ceilings, gluing joints and places of contiguity.


  • the junction of gypsum board, particle board, hardboard and other sheet materials;
  • gluing joints between the door and window frames to the walls;
  • sizing of cracks, corners and joints in concrete, plaster surfaces;
  • for continuous reinforcement of walls and ceilings.

Note: before applying adhesive to prepare the surface. Surface preparation is to clean it from dust and dirt. If there is a need to make sanding.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increases the strength of coatings, resistance to alkalis, does not rust , is not subject to decay, prevents cracking.
  • High-quality adhesive composition;
  • Compatible with all types of fillers and plasters;
  • Take on the burden associated with the constant changes in temperature and humidity ;


  • The density of glass is 60g/m2;
  • Length 40, 45, 50, 90, 100m
  • Width: 40, 45, 50, 100, 200mm
  • The content of the impregnating material, not less than 10% by weight
  • In peel strength, on a wooden surface : at least 2500 N/m

Storage conditions: enclosed dry storage facilities Package: each roll is packed in shrink-wrap, then put into cardboard box.

A roll of white fiberglass adhesive tape 50mm × 20m/roll

Fiberglass self-adhesive tape in 50mm × 20m/roll

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