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Fiberglass self-adhesive masking tape delimits the area for painting

Masking tape is a kind of self-adhesive tape made of fiberglass. it is designed to protect surfaces from damage during painting, plastering and varnishing indoors. After remove the adhesive masking tape, there is no any traces.


To delimit the area for painting, for example, when painting the window frame, an adhesive tape is glued to the glass, preventing paint from entering and freezing in the glass surface.
Used in everyday life and in factories, garages, construction sites to protect surfaces.
Packaging and sealing the box
Sealing cracks and various seams sealing windows in winter and gluing objects.
For temporary sealing of cracks and joints.

Advantage: easily removed from any surface, leaving no trace or damage.

Width: 20mm, 30mm, 50mm
Length: 10m/roll, 30m/roll, 50m/roll

Three rolls of fiberglass masking tape in white color
Fiberglass masking tapes

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