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Plastering fiberglass cloth used to reinforce the plaster layer

Reinforcing fiberglass cloth for facade work - Alkali resistant fiberglass insulation systems for facades, restoration and decoration works.

Plastering mesh fiberglass cloth used for the reinforcement of the plaster layer inside and outside,

Plastering mesh fiberglass cloth is made of reinforcing fiberglass filaments and rovings. Production is carried out in a special grid loom, after which the entire mesh impregnated polymeric composition for alkali resistance and wear resistance properties. This fiber glass plaster mesh is as a reinforcing material for plaster layer during the interior and exterior work or repairing cracks in ceilings and walls. The fiberglass mesh successfully replaced metal mesh in plastering work.

It is used for reinforcement of the surface during the facade plastering ;
Protect the surface from education and the spread of cracks ;
Reinforcement of the junction of door and window frames to the walls;
Waterproofing systems of buildings;
The system of external insulation of buildings and structures;
Reinforcement of self-leveling floors .

Has a high resistance to tearing and stretching, temperature resistance, flexibility.
high acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrode
Does not burn, does not rust, freeze proof, light in weight
Improves the mechanical properties of the treated surface, prevents cracking.

Mesh Paint work 2 × 2mm

Technical description for the grid masking
The cell size of 2 × 2mm
density of 55g/m2
Thickness 0.13mm
Roll width 1m
Roll length 50m/roll, 100m/roll.

Grid plaster for facade paint works 5 × 5mm

Grid-based glass fiber reinforcement with a cell 5mm × 5mm designed for plaster reinforcing in exterior and interior applications.

Width 1m
Roll length: 10m, 20m, 50m, 100m
Density 160g/m2
The content of the impregnating material, not less than 20% by weight
Tensile strength, at least 1700
Breaking strength after 28 days , at least 1000
Color: white, blue, green, orange, red and yellow.

Plastering mesh fiberglass cloth rolls in blue and orange color
Plastering mesh fiberglass cloth
Reinforcing fiberglass cloth in serve rolls for plastering with blue, white, red, yellow and green color
Reinforcing fiberglass cloth rolls for plastering

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