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Non woven fiberglass fabric in 25, 40, and 50g/sq.m

Non woven fiberglass fabric for walls and ceilings or connect drywall - gypsum

Non woven fiberglass fabric is a durable and soft non woven cloth made of very fine glass fibers evenly distributed with a flat surface. It has tremendous tear strength. The material is designed to mask cracks and strengthen the topcoat surface to be repaired. If you want a modern, durable and beautiful surface, It is the best material.

It reinforces and keeps the surface of the walls and ceiling , preventing the formation of cracks. Non woven fiberglass fabric is also used for wall coverings. It can be pasted on the surface of many materials, such as gypsum board, hardboard , brick, concrete, canvas, wood and even metal.

Masking cracks in ceilings and interior/ exterior walls inside the repair of the premises;
Strengthening of the surface and giving it the mechanical strength;
Any combination of colors and creativity to paint a variety of textured surfaces of fiberglass will transform your walls into a work of art
25g/m2 fiberglass is used mainly on the ceiling.
50g/m2 fiberglass fabric mainly used for walls.


Natural ventilation, do not absorb moisture and will not rot
Non-flammable and does not support combustion
High antistatic, allows multiple staining, smooth surface
No cracks formed in the material - a large tensile strength
Chemically inert and non-toxic, not sensitive to heat and UV rays

1m ×50m/roll
The surface density, 25, 40, 50g/m2,
Operating temperature, from -40℃ to 60℃

Package: rolls and packaged in shrink film.

A roll of white non woven fiberglass fabric cloth
Non woven fiberglass fabric in roll and fabric details

Three white non woven fiberglass tapes
Non woven fiberglass fabric tapes

White non woven fiberglass fabric packaged on wooden pallet in our house ware
Non woven fiberglass fabric rolls in house ware

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