Construction fiberglass cloth reinforce plaster and protects facades

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Construction fiberglass cloth with rectangular cells is made of glass filament yarn. The glass twisted multifilament yarn was impregnated polyacrylate dispersions or other similar impregnating composition.

Structural glass cloth mesh used for:

  • reinforcing plaster and protective and decorative coatings systems external insulation of building facades;
  • reinforcing plaster and protective and decorative coatings and exterior internal surfaces of buildings and structures for different purposes;
  • protect the plastered surface from cracking;
  • Repair cracked plaster;
  • increasing the mechanical strength of the surface;
  • increase the service life of buildings and structures without repairs;
  • reduce stress caused by changes in temperature or humidity.


  • Mesh size: 2 ×2mm. 5 ×5mm
  • Width: 1m
  • Length: 50m, 100m/roll

Construction tape on glass fiber which does not dry evenly coated special adhesive, is useful for reinforcing joints between gypsum boards, sizing cracks in the plaster, putty, as well as in the joints of floors, walls and ceilings, and others.

  • Ribbons not degraded over time, resistant to low temperatures and are non-flammable.
  • Width: 5cm,
  • Length: 20m, 45m, 90m
Two rolls of white construction fiberglass cloth

White construction fiberglass cloth packaged in rolls

A roll of blue color construction fiberglass cloth

Construction fiberglass cloth roll in blue

A piece of white fiberglass cloth used in building construction

Fiber glass cloth used for construction

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