Fiberglass cloth reinforcement for wall and ceiling in plastering work

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Fiberglass cloth is an inexpensive material that does not burn, elastic, low weight and has good strength. It is impregnated with a solution that gives it resistance to alkali plaster. In recent years, fiber glass are becoming more popular in the repair and construction and finishing works.


  • It has been widely used on facades, ceilings, uneven surfaces and corners;
  • It can significantly improve the strength and mechanical properties of surfaces be reinforced;
  • for reinforcing walls and ceilings during the plastering work.

The main advantages:

  • able to withstand high longitudinal and transverse load;
  • have a good grip on the mineral binders mixtures;
  • high resistance to stress corrosion and chemical resistance;
  • easy to install (does not require additional skills);
  • Resistant to high temperatures, temperature range from - 200°C to +550°C and silica fiberglass fabrics up to +1200°C.
  • High electrical insulation properties
  • Different types of weaves: plain, satin, twill


1m×30m/roll, 1m×50m/roll, 1m×100m/roll, 1m×150m/roll

A roll of white fiberglass cloth in details

Fiberglass cloth details picture

Three rolls of white fiberglass cloth

Fiberglass cloth rolls

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