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Fiberglass tape for sealing joints made from E-glass fiberglass

Fiberglass tape for sealing joints - a king of building self-adhesive tape, is used for sealing various joints, seams and cracks.

Sealing joint fiberglass tape is widely used for gluing joints drywall, the junction of door and window frames to the walls, plastered to repair cracked plaster and sealing cracks in the walls, and preventing the formation of cracks.

White fiberglass tape used for crack joint in putty surface

Fiber glass tape used for sealing joint

Bonding joints of gypsum boards and other sheet materials (particleboard, fiberboard).
Sizing corners and joints, as well as cracks in the concrete and stucco surfaces
Sizing the junction of window and door openings to the wall
Reinforcement layers of plaster and putty on the surfaces of walls and ceilings.

E-glass fiberglass tape
Width:25mm, 50mm
Length: 30, 50meters/roll
Square meter 200-250gsm

Packaging detail: rolls into carton, lined with one plastic bag.

One yellow and four white fiberglass tapes for sealing joints
Fiberglass tape for sealing joints in yellow and white color

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