Construction process of 2×2 or 5×5mm fiberglass fabric for interior and exterior plastering

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Fiberglass cloth interior mesh for interior with 5mm × 5mm mesh

  1. Preparation.

    The base, which is home to plaster work, must be solid and clean. Remains of old paints, coatings, grease, dust should be removed. Irregularities of more than 20mm should be filled plaster composition. Base with high moisture absorption should be primed.

  2. The application of plaster

    The prepared substrate evenly over the entire surface of the plaster is applied notched trowel

  3. Installation and indentation glass cloth mesh

    Place the plaster mesh glass cloth on the inner surface in the form of vertical stripes with overlapping webs of at least 10cm, and press into the painting and adhesive mortar with a trowel or spreader . The layer thickness reinforcement should be not less than 3mm

  4. Mounting angle elements

    Place the corner pieces on plaster, grid pressed into plaster with a trowel or spatula

  5. The application of the final layer of plaster.

    When completely dry painting and adhesive apply a final coat of plaster

  6. The device of window and door openings.

    Window and door openings are reinforced with additional strips of mesh width of 300mm and installed prior to the application of the first reinforcing layer.

Fiberglass mesh facade, exterior plaster reinforced fiberglass fabric 5mm×5mm

  1. Prepare the surface to the reinforcement:

    The wall surface having no decorative coatings should be thoroughly washed with water. Old plaster should be checked by tapping the surface, in places hit by the detection of voids and restored. Bumps and drops more than 1cm should be removed, and the cracks are plastered . Spray coverage should be examined for compatibility with the adhesive composition. Inconsistencies in these structures must be completely remove the old coating. The substrate must be primed with a special compound deep impregnating agent. The primer surface should be done only after the curing and drying, leveling layers.

  2. The base reinforcement layer:

    By reinforcing the basic unit of plaster embarking upon curing of the adhesive , the position fixing of insulation, and to achieve strong coupling it with the base, but not earlier than 24 hours after gluing .

  3. Deformation and expansion joints.
  4. The unit building corners of window and door openings.

    The corners of window and door openings are reinforced with additional strips of 200 - 300mm mesh size and are installed before applying the base reinforcing layer.

    To the unit base reinforcement layer is made extra special corner reinforcement angles nets with plastic PVC profiles.

  5. The base layer in the area of the basement.

    In the area of the basement to provide the necessary resistance against the attack on the surface of the insulation is made extra reinforcement armor-clad (vandal proof) fiberglass. After curing, the additional reinforcing layer subsequent operations are performed by conventional techniques

Fiberglass cloth for painting with 2mm × 2mm mesh

  1. Preparation.

    Remains of old paints , coatings , grease , dust should be removed. Irregularities of more than 20mm should be filled plaster composition. base with increased water absorption should be primed . Apply to the surface of the putty.

  2. Installation and indentation glass cloth mesh.

    Place the fiberglass mesh on the freshly putty composition. Imbedded fiberglass cloth, using a trowel or spreader , evenly covering the entire surface

  3. Applying the finishing layer of putty.

    Apply to the surface of the reinforced final layer of putty, sanding the surface primed.

A man is plastering with white 5×5mm fiber glass cloth reinforcement

Reinforced fiberglass fabric with 5mm × 5mm mesh used for plastering

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