Self-adhesive fiberglass tape and putty for grout joints between gypsum boards

HomeTechnology Grout joints between gypsum boards with self-adhesive fiberglass tape and putty

  1. Before you begin grouting is necessary to clean the surface of plates in the area of the joints from dirt dust. Beveled and milled edges must be adequately wetted with water. Original edges of the panels, milled at the factory, no need to moisten.

    The prepared solution is applied to gypsum putty and spread across the seam panels. The solution is pressed as far as possible to thoroughly fill the seam.

  2. Then distribute the same movement and smooth the putty solution along the entire seam.
  3. Using a spatula in a pre-formed solution is forced self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape. During this operation, to avoid air bubbles under the tape. Tape surface is covered with a thin layer of extruded putty solution, the surplus is removed and allowed to dry seam.
  4. Then applied another layer strip of about 5cm wider than the area of the joint board, smooth and wait for it dry.
  5. The third and last layer of putty is applied solution is wider than the previous layer and carefully aligned with the plane of plates. After the last coat has cured putty start its grinding and smoothing the seam with fine sandpaper.
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